Molly the Cob Pony
March 17, 2013

Molly’s arrival at Nevins was overshadowed by her friend and pasturemate Snickers the steer.  We were all so eager to see how Snickers and our other steer Norman got along, her unloading from the trailer went somewhat unremarked.  But in the days that she has been here, Molly has acquired her own fan club with staff and volunteers, and rightfully so. 
Molly is a sweet and kind 20 year old pony, with great ground manners and a good temperament.  We’ve all enjoyed getting to know her, and we’ve all been discussing who gets to ride her first.  Even the non-horse experienced staff (Heather & Meaghan) have been looking forward to an opportunity to ride once her evaluation is complete.  Molly’s history indicates that she will do well with novice riders, so we’re guessing that her stay with us will be short, and she’ll have a home soon.
But first things first.  It’s hard to tell in the video, but Molly’s coat is thick, curly, and in need of some TLC to remove some mats.  She’s had a number of grooming sessions, and we’ve been debating whether her coat is due to her breed or possibly an indicator of Cushing's disease.  We’ll do some testing to determine the likelihood of Cushing's, but while we await results the debate of breed continues.  Her previous owner told us that Molly was a Cob pony, but several people have voted for some draft pony cross, amongst some other ideas.  Want to vote?  Stop by soon to check out Molly in the barn (best visiting time is 3-4pm, when the horses are in from turnout).