New Ducks
April 24, 2013

 The main flock, enjoying some outdoor time!
 Waddles, with a beak injury

Our most recent addition to the coop is a small flock of ducks, who came in last week courtesy of T.J. O’Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center in Springfield.  The flock had been living in an apartment, but the owner learned that waterfowl was not allowed and chose to surrender them to their animal control.  Without a way to house the flock properly or procedures for duck adoptions, the ducks were soon on their way to Nevins.

Once we had them settled in, we were able to take a close look at each of them and assess their conditions.  One of the ducks is a male Cayuga and unfortunately it looks like something may have attacked him.  With some hair loss around his eyes and a scar on his right eye, we were concerned that he might have some limited vision.  He also has a wound on his beak which is pretty concerning.  We’ve named him Waddles  and decided to separate him from the flock so that we can keep a closer eye on him, and we’ll be treating him with antibiotics and a regular medicated wash of his beak, in the hopes that it will begin to heal soon.

Waddles has another duck friend in his confinement who is also not feeling well.  One of the mallards has an active ulcer each eye, and a possible sinus infection.  As yet without a name, this poor fellow is also getting antibiotics twice a day, as well as eye ointment three times a day.  We’re keeping a close watch on his weight, as he is definitely too thin, at only a little over 3 lbs. 
The sad little pair is keeping each other company in a ring pen in our coop, while the rest of the flock has integrated to the waterfowl room.  We’re hoping that with some TLC they will be back to health in short order, and ready to rejoin their friends!