Norman Settles In
December 13, 2012

Norman the steer has been here only two weeks, and he already has a fan club.  He's a 9 month old Holstein, who came to us from Maine, where he had been left at a Mustang ranch.  The folks at the ranch told us that a well-meaning person had saved him from potential slaughter (they saw him tied up to a truck, for sale), but this person never returned to retrieve him.

In his life at the ranch, Norman lived in a stall in the barn with the horses, and was turned out every day with his equine friends.  But he grew quickly, and it became a challenge for the horse owners to lead him easily out to the paddock.  Knowing that Norman would grow even larger, and unprepared to care for a steer, they decided to bring him to Nevins in the hopes that we could place him.

It's been a while since Thunder left, and we've been missing his friendly face each morning.  So we were pretty excited to have another cow in residence.  When Norman stepped off the trailer, it struck us that he was incredibly small.  Perhaps Thunder has grown substantially in our memories?  But Melissa has assured us that he'll grow quickly, and before we know it he'll be huge.  So, we'll be practicing some leading with him while he's small, to get him used to the rope halter and to make sure he has good manners.

And we're also thinking about a paddock buddy for him.  Since he's spent the majority of his life with horses, Norman is quite fond of them.  We noted that he became very talkative and anxious whenever we would lead the horses from turnout at the end of the day, leaving him alone behind the quarantine barn.  So last week we tried to pair him up with a friend, and after some consideration chose Drake, a young Quarter Horse. Norman greeted him enthusiastically, but sadly, Drake decided that he did not appreciate the company of a bovine, and aimed a solid kick at Norman's head. 

So now Norman is alone again in his paddock, with a bump on his noggin and nursing a wounded ego.  Hopefully we will still be able to find a buddy for Norman - even better is an adoptive herd for him!  Please help find him a forever home - email us at if you would like to adopt!