Roger Marsh
April 15, 2013

In the course of a busy day (or week or month), we don’t always realize how Nevins Farm can touch people.  We’re usually rushing to finish daily chores, handle medical assignments, get animals evaluated, take surrender calls and adoption calls.  And in the course of our day we come in to contact with hundreds of folks who may be dropping off donations, visiting with their children, making deliveries, or volunteering their time.  It’s easy for us to smile and nod, chat for a minute, and then move right on to the next pressing task at hand.

What we may miss after a brief interaction is the smile of a visitor as he or she lingers at Buster’s paddock, watching him root around for a treat.  Or the enthralled look of a young girl as she watches Kathryn tack up a horse for an evaluation or Lisa leading a horse into the wash stall.  Even the simple smell of the hay in the barn can make people happy, bringing back fond memories of their own experiences with horses long ago.  Visiting Nevins seems to make many people happy.

It’s good to be reminded of that.  Last month, we learned just how happy Nevins Farm made Roger Marsh, a longtime resident of Dracut and a horse lover.  Roger often helped the Ogonowski family at their hay farm in Dracut, and occasionally drove the truck to Nevins for hay deliveries.  Jim Ogonowski told us later that sometimes Roger would spend more time with the horses than helping with the delivery.
Sadly, Roger passed away in February.  Knowing how much Roger thought of Nevins Farm, his family requested that donations in his memory be directed to the Equine Center, ensuring that horses in need would receive help.  Since his passing, friends and family have sent in hundreds of dollars in Roger’s name.  And the folks at Ogonowski’s Farm are quietly donating $.50 from every bale they sell until June 1st, in Roger’s memory.  In their note to us, they felt “Roger would be very happy to know that.”

So, here’s to you Roger!  We’re honored and humbled that Nevins Farm bore great meaning in your life, and we’ll never forget.