Sunny Playing
March 26, 2013

A good chunk of our morning involves filling buckets and stock tanks in the paddocks with fresh water.  It's easy enough to do in warmer weather.  We run a hose line from a nearby water spigot, and after cleaning a stock tank (to prevent alga growth and other slime), we let the water run until the stock tank is full.

Cold weather is another story.  We are constantly lugging around hoses, rolling them out as needed (and quickly, so they don't freeze as we are using them) or toting jugs of water up to the paddocks in the gator. And if one of us does forget the hose outside overnight and it does freeze, well then, have pity on the poor soul who needs to use it the next morning, or has to dig it out from 6 inches of fresh snow.

Some days, we wonder if our horses actually appreciate the extra effort it takes to provide fresh drinking water.  If they actually drank it, instead of playing in it as Sunny does in the above video, we'd know for sure.  By the end of Sunny's play session, he'll probably have the stock tank drained, and he'll be wondering where all his drinking water went and why he is so thirsty.  But, on the plus side, it is cheap entertainment!  And just maybe we should bring Sunny to our annual Beach Ride, so he can play in the ocean - good luck draining that dry!