Angels for Animals Fund

Each year, thousands of animals arrive at the Noble Family Animal Care & Adoption Center at Nevins Farm.  Almost every animal that is surrendered to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm is in need of some type of medical care. Some may only need basic vaccines or routine surgery, while others may be suffering serious injury or living with undiagnosed and treated illnesses. As a non-profit organization, our resources are limited when it comes to caring for expensive and time-consuming medical cases. That is why the development of the Angels for Animals Fund became necessary to help those animals most in need of our care and support. 


This special fund is supported through the donations of generous people like you, who help us care for the sick and injured animals who cannot care for themselves.  Since it was developed in 2003, Angels for Animals has helped address the medical concerns for thousands of animals, including dental extractions, emergency leg amputations, hip surgery, and open chest heart surgery.  You can make a donation online by clicking on the link below or you can mail donations to:
MSPCA at Nevins Farm, Attn: Angels for Animals Fund, 400 Broadway, Methuen, MA 01844

If you prefer, you can donate over the phone by calling Mike Keiley at 978-687-7453 x6101.

Meet some current animals who need your help!

10 year old Flipper arrived at Nevins Farm when his family had to relocate. Shortly after his arrival, Flipper was diagnosed with diabetes. He is currently in an MSPCA foster home and is receiving medication twice per day to keep the disease under control.
This sweet puppy was surrendered to the MSPCA  with a case of demodectic mange so severe that she had developed a secondary bacterial infection. Nala had lost almost all of her hair, and her skin was covered in crusty scabs. We immediately began a course of antibiotics as well as regular medicated baths, which will continue for at least one month. Nala is currently in a foster home for her recovery.

Archer was discovered as a stray in Lowell. Suffering a broken leg, we suspect he may have been hit by a car. Archer's leg was so shattered that the veterinary team determined he would require an amputation. Archer is slowlyrecovering from his surgery and will soon move to a foster home to continue his rehabilation.

Your contribution to Angels for Animals Fund can help Flipper, Nala, Archer, and other animals like them.  Please consider donating.  Even a few dollars can make a difference!

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