Ashton's Hope Fund

Named for a young foal who needed expensive surgery, Ashton’s Hope Fund provides medical care to MSPCA horses and farm animals currently being cared for at Nevins Farm.  Some may need routine surgery or special shoeing, while others may be suffering from serious injury or disease, or in need of lengthy rehabilitation to restore their health, dignity and grace.  Calli is just one of many such horses who have been saved by this live-saving fund.  Read her story by clicking here.

Today, we need your help.  There are more horses and farm animals still in need at Nevins Farm.  Your contribution to this fund can change their lives.  Please consider a donation to Ashton’s Hope Fund, and make a difference today.

Here are just a few horses & farm animals who need your help now:



Dolly is a 20 year old Quarterhorse mare who arrived at Nevins Farm through outreach from our Law Enforcement department. Dolly is in need of dental work, including multiple extractions to enable her to eat without pain.


KP – short for Kakapoo – first arrived at the MSPCA’s Equine Center in spring 2014. Previously a race horse, KP had only moderate success, finishing his career in 2007 with a DNF (Did Not Finish). KP spent the next 7 years as a companion to another horse, with limited training.
KP has recently been diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis – a disorder that makes breathing during exercise very difficult. With surgery, KP can lead a normal life, potentially enjoying trail rides and other equestrian pursuits in an adoptive home. KP's surgery will likely exceed $2000.


29 year old Flora was surrendered to the MSPCA along with two other horses. Emaciated and covered in wounds,Flora needed immediate veterinary treatment to prevent spread of infection. Flora is currently undergoing a stringent re-feeding plan to help her gain weight slowly. Her rehabilitation is expected to take months.

Sadly, these are just a few of the many animals arriving at Nevins Farm needing immediate medical help.  As horse owners find themselves in dire straits as a result of the tough economy, it is taking its toll on their horses.  Ashton's Hope Fund can help restore the health of these horses and farm animals.  Click on the Donate button to make a contribution on line, or mail a contribution to:

MSPCA Equine & Farm Animal Center
Attn: Ashton's Hope Fund
400 Broadway
Methuen, MA 01844

If you prefer, you can make a contribution via telephone by contact Melissa Ghareeb at (978) 687-7453 x6117.

Click here to learn about our Angels for Animals Fund, providing medical care for our domestic animals.