Create a Fundraiser


Create A Fundraiser and Help the MSPCA at Nevins Farm

Regardless of age, time restrictions, or skill set, every member of the community can take action for the animals.  This is a great opportunity for each and every Nevins Farm supporter to build the perfect fundraiser and promote it through a personalized web page.  Whether as an individual or as part of a group, you can make a difference for the thousands of animals awaiting adoption at Nevins Farm.

What will you do?

  • Are you having a birthday party? Wedding?  Your guests can give donations to the MSPCA in lieu of gifts!
  • Are you part of a girl scout or cub scout troop?  Consider a local bake sale or lemonade stand & donate the proceeds!
  • Are you part of a sports team?  Are you an athlete?  Organize a 'fun run' with your friends and ask family & neighbors to sponsor you.
  • Do your children want to volunteer, but are too young?  Suggest they mow a neighbor's lawn or do yard work, and donate any money earned to Nevins Farm.
  • Do you enjoy dinner parties?  Invite friends to join you at your home for wine & cheese and ask them to donate a few dollars as a 'cover charge'.
  • Cleaning out your attic or garage?  Hold a yard sale & donate the proceeds!
  • Offer to wash neighbor's cars for a nominal fee and donate the proceeds.
  • Are you a school teacher?  Organize a competition between classrooms or grades with a penny war, and see who can raise the most money!

Participating is easy!

1.  Plan your event
2.  Create your event by clicking here, or by contacting us at (978) 687-7453 x6118.
3.  Get your free web page to promote your event.
4.  Ask friends and family to support your event!

If you are under 16 and organizing an event or fundraiser for Nevins Farm, be sure to check out our Kids for a Cause information!

For more information, contact Heather at, or via telephone at (978) 687-7453 x6118.