Summer Camp at Nevins Farm

Volunteer Junior Counselors

What does a Junior Counselor (JC) do and how do I become one?

Junior Counselors are volunteers (age 15 and up) who work directly with the Camp's Head Counselors to help make sure Camp runs smoothly and is educational and fun for all our campers.  Responsibilities include coaching campers through animal care chores, assisting with discussions and crafts, helping with set-up and clean-up each day, participating in games and songs with campers, and being great role models by demonstrating a positive attitude and kindness to animals.

If you're interested in becoming a JC, please apply!  Our applications are electronic this year, and you can submit one by clicking the "APPLY" link below.  Prior to applying, we ask that JC's read all the information below, and ask a teacher, coach, or supervisor (could be the parent of a child you babysit) to write a letter of recommendation (this is due when you apply).  Applications for the summer of 2015 will be taken February 1, 2015 through April 30, 2015.

- Junior Counselors (JC's) work 8:30am to 3:30 or 4pm, Monday through Friday.

- JC's are asked to commit to at least two weeks of camp during the summer, preferably consecutive weeks.

- There is a mandatory JC Orientation for ALL JC's (date is TBA).  This is a great opportunity for all of the volunteers and staff to meet, learn our camp songs, go over the discussions that the campers participate in, and review camp policies and procedures (safety, etc.)

- A JC's main responsibilities are: (1) assisting campers with chores, crafts, and other activities, making sure they are safe and having fun while doing so (2) setting a great example for campers by being upbeat, motivated role models ready and willing to sing songs, play games, and get kids excited about camp, and (3) taking on the majority of the set-up and clean-up each day, as assigned by the Head Counselors (camp staff).

- All applicants will be notified via phone of email before May 1st regarding whether or not they've been selected to be a JC.

- If you have been a JC before, you must reapply electronically, but you DO NOT need to submit a letter of recommendation.

- If you are applying to be a JC for the first time, please have a letter of recommendation ready to email/fax before applying to be a JC.  Applications will be taken through April 11th, so that allows for plenty of time to ask a teacher, coach, or supervisor to write one of your behalf.  They can give it to you to email/fax, or they can email it or fax it directly to us at or (617) 989-1651.  We just ask that this happens within a day or two of your submitted application.


Questions?  Please review our Camp FAQ on the previous page ( or email us at if you can't find an answer to your question on this page.