Equine Safety & Ambulance Program

Equine Emergency Response & Referral

To help horse owners deal with emergencies, the MSPCA is available through a Referral Service from local veterinarians and public safety officials. This lifesaving service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Upon being contacted by a veterinarian or public safety official, we dispatch an ambulance with staff specially trained in equine emergency rescue and transport. This service, provided with your veterinarian overseeing the disabled horse’s care, is offered throughout New England.

With its specially equipped ambulances and the innovative rescue Glide, the MSPCA Equine Ambulance has helped rescue over 400 horses since its inception. We have pulled horses from muddy bogs and icy ponds, removed horses from trailer accidents, drawn them from ravines, and even coordinated an aerial rescue from a steep mountainside.

View a video of a rescue of a Belgian Draft horse named Buddy.

Make sure your local veterinarian, police department, and fire department have the MSPCA’s emergency contact information!