Hillside Acre Animal Cemetery


Our pets are an important part of our daily lives-they comfort us in the times of need, give us joy, friendship and love. The loss of a pet can be devastating. Many pet owners don't know where to turn to process their grief when faced with the loss of a loving companion.

Here at the MSPCA's Hillside Acre Animal Cemetery we offer a variety of services for pet owners during their time of need. This includes the option for a private cremation.  The ashes can be returned to the owner in a sealed urn, interred in a grave in the cemetery, or scattered in one of the cemetery's memorial center beds.  Urns are available in a range of styles and prices to suit your needs.  Our staff will assist you in choosing the appropriate size for your companion.  All urn pricing includes the cost of an individual cremation for your beloved companion.  

Wooden Urns
Available in small, medium or large sizes, with a light birch or dark cherry finish.  A photograph of your beloved pet or a written sentiment can be placed in the framed exterior of the urn.

Medium Birch Urn Medium Cherry Urn

light birch urn

dark cherry urn

Small Wooden Urn

Medium Wooden Urn

Large Wooden Urn

Bronze Urns
Available in extra small, small, and large sizes.  All sizes include a velvet keepsake box.

Extra Small Bronze Urn Medium Bronze Urn Large Bronze Urn

Extra Small Bronze Urn

Small Bronze Urn

Large Bronze Urn




Gold & Silver Urns
Available in extra small, small, and large sizes.  All sizes include a velvet keepsake box.

Extra Small Gold & Silver Urn

Medium Gold & Silver Urn

Large Gold & Silver Urn

Extra Small Gold & Silver Urn

Small Gold & Silver Urn

Large Gold & Silver Urn




 Marble Urns
Available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Small Blue Marble Urn Small Rose Marble Urn Small Green Marble Urn Large Tan Marble Urn

Blue Marble Urn

Rose Marble Urn

Green Marble Urn

Tan Marble Urn

Small Marble Urn

Medium Marble Urn

Large Marble Urn

Laser Etched Marble Urn and Clock
Our black granite urn can be laser etched with the likeness of your beloved pet and a personal sentiment, paying tribute to the bond that you shared.  Or, choose to memorialize your companion with their likeness etched on our black granite clock.

Laser Etched Black Marble Urn  

Laser Etched Clock

Laser Etched Black Granite Urn


Laser Etched Black Granite Clock

Convenience Urn
If you have chosen to scatter the remains of your companion, a convenience urn is available in small or large sizes.

Convenience Urn


Many additional urns are available at varying prices.  Please consult our staff who will help meet your needs.