Hillside Acre Burial Options

Hillside Marker
For many families, the choice for burial of a beloved companion animal means having a place to visit, to contemplate the special bond between you and your pet. Families take comfort from a visit to their pet's gravesite, and sharing memories of their lives together.

Standard burial plots are available for domestic animals.  The fee for a burial is $700 and includes the cost of of a casket and opening & closing of the gravesite.  Future burials in the same plot can be accommodated at a reduced rate of $350.  We can assist you with the selection of an appropriate marker in granite or marble to acknowledge the resting place of your pet.  Should you choose to hold a service prior to the burial of your pet, Hillside Acre offers a private viewing room at the cemetery offices.  The MSPCA provides perpetual care for each grave; there is no maintenance fee requested. The grounds are protected by a high iron fence with locked gates. Each cemetery patron receives a key so that you may visit at your convenience.

We also offer an option for small animals such as hamsters and mice with the new addition of our Small Animal Burial Area.  To learn about this option, click here.

For more information regarding burial services at Hillside Acre, please contact us at (978) 685-0632.