Hillside Acre Small Animal Burial Area


Losing a pet is never easy, even when it is the smallest of our companion animals.  Our "pocket pets" enrich our lives as much as the largest dog, and we grieve their passing just as much.  We seek a special way to pay tribute to their lives with us, recognizing the shared bond.  Frequently, these small animals may be a child's first pet, and by marking their passing, we can help the family's grieving process begin.

Hillside Acre has a newly developed Small Animal Burial Area, specifically for our smallest friends.  Designed for guinea pigs, mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, and small birds, this designated area provides a tranquil resting place with a small individual lot for each pet, in the heart of the cemetery.  Each lot is 2' x 2' and is furnished with a grey granite headstone, modeled after the turn-of-the-century markers throughout Hillside Acre.  The headstones can be engraved with up to 30 letters at no charge; the cost for additional letters in excess of 30 can be worked out with the engraver.  The cost of the lot is $450, which includes the burial service and casket.  As with all burials at Hillside Acre, staff provides perpetual care for lots, and cemetery patrons will receive a key so you may visit at your convenience.

To learn more about burial options for small animals, please contact the Hillside Acre staff at (978) 685-0632.