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Adoption Process

Thank you for visiting our Web site! We are delighted that you are interested in providing a home for one of our animals. We hope the information here will help explain our adoption process, but it you have any questions, please call us at 978-687-7453.

Adoption companions

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Animals for Adoption 

Adoption steps:
In order to adopt, we need you to provide information about yourself and your household in order to facilitate the matchmaking process. We estimate that the adoption process will take about an hour, but it could take longer. The adoption center is a busy place, so we appreciate your patience! Thank you!

In general, you will follow these steps when you adopt an animal companion:

  1. Visit the animals available for adoption to find the one(s) who might be right for you.

  2. Fill out an adoption application that tells us about yourself and your household so we can facilitate the match-making process.

  3. Talk to a staff member to learn more about your prospective companion and to determine if he or she is truly right for you.

  4. Decide whether or not to adopt.

  5. Go through the adoption materials with the staff member. You will receive information about your animal's vaccination history, as well as other information that will help you once you get your new companion home.

What we will need to know when you adopt:

  • If you rent, please be sure that your landlord will
    consent to have the pet on his/her property.
    We verify this information with landlords over the phone before sending a new pet home so please have the appropriate name and phone number available.

  •  If you own your home, please bring something that shows us that (i.e. tax bill, water bill or mortgage payment receipt). On occasion, towns may allow us to verify home ownership via the Tax Assessor's Office. Please check your homeowner's insurance policy for any coverage restrictions pertaining to the breed of dog you wish to own.

  •  Other pets already in your household need to be
    up-to-date on vaccinations.
    The staff may call your vet to verify this information.

  • It's important to us that the companion animal you
    take home gets along with everyone in your
    Please bring young children along so we can make sure it will be a good match before you make a commitment. Also, if adopting a second dog, bring your current dogs with you. We can let them spend some time together and give you ideas on surviving the adjustment period.

Before you visit our adoption center:

  • Please make sure you have considered the financial obligation involved in caring for an animal companion. This includes routine veterinary and emergency care as well as food, supplies and training. Although we can give you a general idea of costs, it is best to check with veterinarians, trainers and supply stores for prices before adopting.
  • Be honest with yourself about the time you have to train, groom and exercise the companion animal you have chosen. Some things to keep in mind: Do you work long or erratic hours, travel often or dislike outdoor exercise? Figuring this out will help you make the best match!