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Community Service Opportunities

Are you a student looking to fulfill a community service requirement for school?  Is your company dedicating a day of service to a non-profit?  Or perhaps you're part of a scout, church, or 4-H group looking to give back to the community for a few hours?

While our traditional volunteer program requires a minimum age of 16 years and a 6-month commitment, there are other ways to contribute to our animal care efforts and earn community service hours.  Check out the list below, which offers programs available to a variety of ages.

Please note that we may not offer opportunities for court-mandated community service.

Opportunities for all ages, including kids:

Special Projects  Are you looking for a special project - perhaps a full day of service for a large group of coworkers or an award project for a Girl or Boy Scout?  We're happy to share ideas with you, which might include maintaining parts of our property or creative building projects.

Hosting a Fundraiser  Those who want to help support the MSPCA by contributing financially can host an on-site fundraiser (like a bake sale in our lobby!) or an off-site event (a car wash, walk-a-thon, or yard sale are just a few examples).  This option can be as creative as one's imagination allows!  Click link to learn more.

Wish List Collection Drive  An alternative to a monetary fundraiser is a collection drive, in which a variety of animal care items (we have a list available!) are collected from neighbors, friends, or classmates, and then donated to the MSPCA.  Click link to view our Wish List.

Craft Projects  If you are drawn to hands-on projects, you can make items for our animals.  We are happy to provide instuctions for fleece-tied blankets, dog biscuits, and blank cage cards to decorate.

Junior Volunteer Program  This brand-new opportunity for young teens is offered on the last Wednesday of the month.  Space is limited, so register early!  A $15 donation is required for each session.  The program is available to kids in grades 7+, through age 15.  Click link to register.

Family Service Day  Parents and kids can team up for a half-day of service at one of our six yearly Family Service Days!  A $20 donation is required for each session.  Kids in grades 2-6 are invited to participate.  Click link to register.

Opportunities for those over 16 years of age only:

Support Chores  Those who want to volunteer on-site for a limited number of hours (less than 6 months) can help us with support chores: washing dishes, washing and folding laundry, sorting donations, mucking horse stalls, and other cleaning chores.  This activity does not include animal care or handling, as both require higher levels of training and mentorship.  Hours are available 7 days a week.

How to apply for community service:

If you are under 16 years of age (or the parent of a child under 16), please contact our Humane Education department at  Please include your name, the reason you or your child are seeking community service, the number of hours that you want to fulfill, and the due date for these hours.  If you're interested in hosting a Wish List collection drive, you may contact us after the drive to arrange a drop-off time.  We are happy to sign-off on hours spent on service projects and fundraisers.

For a little added inspiration, check out our Kids for a Cause page, which highlights child-driven fundraisers in the community, demonstrating that one is never to young to make a positive change in the lives of animals!

If you are part of a corporate volunteer program, or are otherwise over 16 years of age and seeking community service opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at  Be sure to include your name, the reason you are seeking community service, the number of hours that you want to fulfill, and the due date for these hours.  Please also indicate the type of community service you'd like to do, and that you are at least 16 years old.

Because the MSPCA serves as the temporary home to a large number of animals awaiting adoption, we have a formal volunteer program in place that ensures responsible care of our animals and the safety of our volunteers.  Having skilled volunteers is important to us, so we make a substantial inventment in training new volunteers.  Because of this, we expect our volunteers to commit to a minimum of 6 months with weekly shifts.  Where most community service hours are small in number and short-term, we make an exception to our 6-month standard to accommodate the public.  Because of this, we do not allow animal care or handling as part of our community service opportunities.

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