Pit Bull Adoption

Our Commitment

The MSPCA believes that all animals deserve our respect and compassion, and that we have a responsibility to care for and protect our companion animals.  In order to prevent the continued suffering of homeless animals, we conduct adoption programs that place animals with adopters who are knowledgeable and capable of providing permanent, responsible and loving homes.  The MSPCA believes that, while generalizations regarding behavior and temperament can be made about most dog breeds, each dog has individual characteristics that make them unique. We are opposed to generalizations that support breed-specific laws or breed-banning. These laws are not an effective way to control dangerous dogs, nor does it impact dogs of other breeds that may be dangerous. Such an approach unfairly brands all dogs of a particular breed, regardless of their behavioral history, as dangerous.

We recognize that the negative reputation of Pit Bull dogs (which include the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and mixed breeds) in the media is a societal problem, not a breed problem.  The MSPCA has chosen to place adoptable Pit Bull dogs in appropriate, responsible homes at a time when some other humane organizations have chosen not to place them at all.

In order to help create lasting change for animals and people, we have decided to take an educational approach.  To begin to better the public image of the Pit Bull, it is important that these dogs be placed in homes with families who actively seek to educate the public about Pit Bulls, debunk Pit Bull myths, and train and socialize their dogs so that they can be ambassadors of the Pit Bull breeds.

An Adopter’s Commitment

As Pit Bull guardians, our adopters are going to face challenges and skepticism that not every dog owner faces. Because of this, we like to recommend that our adopters carefully consider their choice and speak with their friends and family about their decision to adopt a Pit Bull ahead of time.

Many of our available Pit Bulls are surrendered as young, energetic animals.  We work with many of these dogs in-house, teaching them using positive reinforcement.  The MSPCA encourages Pit Bull adopters to continue training with an approved program, so that the dog can become the well-mannered and social animal we expect all pets to be.

Pit Bull guardians have a unique, important role that provides them with a very special opportunity to make positive change for their dogs. We want our adopters to embrace this role and help their dogs become great examples of their breed. Myths can be dispelled, and opinions can change. The MSPCA counts on the courage of its Pit Bull adopters to help educate the public about the real Pit Bull- the one we know and love.

To learn more about the history of the Pit Bull breeds and Pit Bull myth vs. fact, please visit Animal Farm Foundation.