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May is...Animal Safety Month!

As responsible pet guardians, it's our job to keep our companion animals safe, healthy, and happy.  Knowing how to eliminiate potential risks is just as important as knowing how to handle an emergency.  And just as it's wise to protect our pets from hazards, it's also crucial to practice safe behavior around all animals - to protect ourselves and others.

From household hazards to safe traveling tips, this link provides information on preventing pet injury and illness by ensuring a safe environment.

at left: Becky, and her dog, Nala, teach summer camp children how to greet a new dog appropriately

Seasonal weather extremes, from icy roads to summer heat, present special safety challenges.  Visit this link to learn more about seasonal and holiday considerations.

In the event of an emergency, it's important to seek timely medical treatment for your pet.  Click the link above to learn more about emergecy services and pet first aid.

May 18th marks the beginning of "Dog Bite Prevention Week"!  All children (and adults) should know these strategies when greeting new dogs.

Do you suspect that wildlife has been injured or orphaned in your neighborhood?  Before coming into contact with wildlife, learn more about the risks involved and how to protect yourself.