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Here's what your donations have helped us to do for the animals:     

$1 or Less: Provides life-saving worming treatment for a cat and dog
$3: Enables us to spay/neuter a cat
$6: Enables us to spay/neuter a dog
$7: Covers a C-section on a sheep
$7: Covers stomach surgery on a goat or sheep
$11: Pays for tumor removal surgery in a mule or horse
$20: Pays for hernia surgery on a horse
$50: Covers the cost of all of the above procedures...
Your generous donations allowed us to purchase the items below. These will help us to save even more lives thanks to you!

Donated X-Ray machine (pictured right): The donated X-ray machine is a 20 year improvement over the former X-ray machine at the Fondouk. It allows the Fondouk veterinary team to more accurately diagnose broken bones and consequently provide more effective treatment.

New Ultrasound machine: The ultrasound machine will be particularly helpful to the veterinarians in examining pregnant mares and internal organs. An ultrasound involves the use of high-frequency sound waves to create images of organs and systems within the body.

New Fiber Optic scope: This new, longer fiber optic scope will allow the Fondouk team to examine not just the mouths of ailing or pregnant animals, but the internal organs as well. It will provide the team with a minimally invasive and relatively painless way to accurately diagnose and treat animals with internal issues. Endoscopy is used to evaluate the interior surfaces of an organ. Through the scope they will also be able to see lesions and other surface conditions.

New Radiograph Digital Converter (pictured left): This piece of equipment can transform regular x-ray and ultra sound prints into digital images. Not only does this allow for easier storage of records, but it enables our veterinarians at the American Fondouk to send images to colleagues and specialists in other parts of the world to help analyze a case.

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Your donations to the American Fondouk instantly provide a direct impact on these animals in need. Each dollar raised helps make it possible to purchase the iron bars used to make shoes, the vaccinations to protect against deadly diseases, and the medicine necessary to treat rampant parasites that infect thousands of dogs, mules, donkeys and sheep each year in Morocco. 


Average length of stay for in-patient animals:   6 days    
Average number of animals treated/day:  
Number of animals with hooves trimmed in 2004:  
Average number of mules to receive hoof trim/month:
Number of surgeries performed in year:  
  -of these, the #1 problem treated was lacerations in mules (134) and sheep (110)

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