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Student Externships at the Fondouk

Information and Requirements

 The Fondouk's Farrier at work and a waiting patient
photo by Kellie Klo


What is the American Fondouk?
The American Fondouk is a unique veterinary hospital located in Fes, Morocco.  Our goal is to serve the people and animals of Morocco by providing free veterinary care to animals whose owners cannot afford care, especially to the working animals (mules and donkeys) of the Medina.

The Student Program at the Fondouk
We have an active veterinary student program at the Fondouk.  Veterinary students in the last two years of their studies may spend between two to four weeks at the Fondouk gaining hands-on experience, which is strongly emphasized.  Students are required to participate in case discussions and daily morning rounds of hospitalized patients, in addition to procedures and treatments of both hospitalized and day patients.  These responsibilities include physical exams, administration of oral and injectable medications, lameness exams, bandage changes, nasogastric tube placements, and assisting with surgical procedures.

Student housing at the Fondouk 

Accommodations and Costs During an Externship
Housing is provided for students during their stay at no cost.  There is a kitchen and internet service available in the dormitory.  Costs associated with the externship include transportation to Fes, food, and living supplies while at the Fondouk.  Students are also encouraged to take time to travel and visit Morocco, so purchasing a guidebook beforehand to learn more about Morocco and its culture is recommended. Please note: Housing is only for students. Guests (friends/boyfriends/girlfriends/family) are not permitted to stay overnight.


Caseload at the Fondouk
Due to the fact that the American Fondouk is here to serve those who need us the most on a walk-in basis, our caseload, as well as the species of animals seen at the Fondouk, may vary. 

Dr. Anne McDonald examines a patient
 photo by Kellie Klo


A boy and his mule patiently wait in line for care at the Fondouk

How to Apply for a Fondouk Externship
If you are interested in an externship at the Fondouk and meet our requirements, please contact us at  We recommend contacting us well in advance for externship availability.  Often, students will set up an externship for one to even two years in advance. 

1) Veterinary student within the last two years of their studies

2) Fluent in either English or French, speaking Arabic is an added bonus

3) Maximum length of stay: 4 weeks (average length of externship is 3-4 weeks)


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