Payment Policy

Angell Animal Medical Center is a specialty referral hospital open 24 hours a day. The costs associated with this 24 x 7 specialty care may be higher than those you are accustomed to paying at a general practice. When you bring your pet to Angell, a doctor will do an initial assessment of your pet’s condition and will recommend a diagnostic and treatment plan. If the plan includes hospitalization, you will receive an estimate for this plan. If you approve the estimate, you will be asked to leave an initial deposit. The balance will be due at the end of hospitalization. If the balance is going to exceed the estimate, we will make every effort to keep you apprised of additional charges that are being incurred.

All sick animals arriving via Angell’s Emergency service will receive a physical exam by a veterinarian. Clients will be billed for this exam. Pet owners expressing the inability to pay for services will be treated in a professional, consistent, and compassionate manner.

We accept cash and all major credit cards except for American Express.  We also accept CareCredit® no interest payment plans*. To learn more about Care Credit or to apply now, please visit


*Please note that not all financing plans on the CareCredit® website are available. Please verify with the receptionist which current plans are offered.