MSPCA-Angell: A Good Investment

How many fund-raising appeals from animal-protection organizations arrive in your mailbox each month? Do you know the difference among the groups asking for your financial support?

Many people assume that all SPCAs are part of a larger national organization, or assume that all these groups do the same type of work. But while all animal-protection groups seek to help animals, the nature of the day-to-day work each does varies greatly.

One of the four biggest animal-welfare organizations in the United States, the MSPCA-Angell is recognized in the humane community as the nation's leading organization for delivering hands-on animal care. Our animal care and adoption centers, one farm, two animal medical centers, humane law enforcement services, and community advocacy programs give hands-on care to thousands of animals each year.

Our humane-education programs teach compassion and responsible pet ownership. Our advocacy programs help communities live harmoniously with the animals in their midst. Our legislative programs work for lasting, positive change. We also provide emergency assistance and strategic-planning help for animal-protection groups around the globe.

We are not under the umbrella of any other organization, nor do we receive any state or federal funds. Rather, we are supported strictly by memberships, private contributions, and fees for services such as veterinary care. We rely on your support to continue to help animals.

When you give your money, time or energy to the MSPCA-Angell, you can be sure you are having a very real impact on very real animals as well as on the issues that determine the quality of human and animal lives - today and in the future.

Click here to make a donation. For more information about how you can contribute to the MSPCA-Angell, contact the Development Office at (617) 541-5046 or