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Cat Lost for Two Months Returns

June 18, 2013

A sweet cat named “Luna” may have used at least one of her nine lives after escaping her Brighton, Mass. home and spending two months on the lam as her owner searched desperately for her.  Luna ultimately turned up last Friday looking no worse for wear, save for gaping wound where her right eye had been.  After surgery at Angell Animal Medical Center treat and close the wound the sleek two-and-a-half year old white tabby is back home.

Luna at Angell

Gone Missing 
Luna escaped on March 23 from owner’s apartment when the door was accidentally left ajar.  Her owner initially assumed Luna had found a quiet place to nap inside the apartment.  “It wasn’t unusual for her to crawl up beneath a bed or a similar hiding spot and nap the day away,” she said.  “It never occurred to me that she could dart out of the apartment when we weren’t looking, much less make her way down the stairs and—ultimately—out the front door to the building.” 

Luna’s owner undertook an exhaustive search of her apartment and the building, which revealed no sign of Luna.  She then hung fliers around her neighborhood with photos of Luna and her contact information.  She and friends searched day and night for weeks, enduring several “near misses,” sparked by calls from neighbors who thought they saw the cat.  But despite her best efforts she was unable to recover her cat.  “I was despondent and, frankly, believed I had lost her for good.  My hope at that time was that she had been taken in by a family and was off the street.”

Remarkably, more than two months after she disappeared Luna showed up at a nearby church and began circling the ankles of a woman sitting outside.  Recognizing the Luna from the many “Missing Cat” fliers still blanketing the neighborhood, the woman called the owner, who rushed to the church and positively identified the cat.  “My excitement upon seeing her instantly turned to fear when I saw that her right eye was almost completely gone.  I had no idea how such a thing could happen and suffice to say her appearance shocked me.”

She brought Luna to Angell that same day where veterinarian Dr. Alice McDonald examined her.  The evaluation revealed that her right eye was mostly gone, likely the result of some kind of trauma experienced while she was living outside.  “Despite what she’d been through Luna was incredibly sweet and tolerant of our examining her,” said Dr. McDonald.  She found Luna to be in excellent health otherwise and suspected the cat discovered a food and water source, enabling her to survive outside for so long.

Dr. McDonald and the surgery team at Angell performed an operation to remove what remained of her right eye and to thoroughly clean the area.  Luna is now recovering at home, made newly secure given her tendency to wander.  “We’re obviously being much more careful with our comings and goings to ensure Luna never again has the opportunity to escape,” said her owner.  “And despite her injury she is getting around just fine and I’m so thankful to have her back with us.”

Keeping Cats Safely Indoors
Angell Animal Medical Center recommends that cats live exclusively indoors for their own protection.  Luna is an indoor cat who just happened to escape, but many cats live an indoor-outdoor (or exclusively outdoor) lifestyle, which puts them at tremendous risk.  For more information on keeping cats safe and happy indoors click here.