Run Fur Fun Runners Having Fun

Vanessa Porter supports the MSPCA because she believes every animal deserves a loving home, just like her animals Isabella and Scooby. She ran her first marathon and raised $745! Learn more about her and her animals>>

tarah snee resized 2Tarah Snee ran the Boston Marathon -- her first -- and did all the training for a good cause!  She raised $900 in donations!  See her page>>

gin a boday resizedGina Boday's Run Fur Fun page expresses her love for animals and features her two cute kitties -- Hermione and Pessa. She ran the Great Hyannis Road Race Half Marathon on May 27 and exceeded her goal of $500 to raise $800.  Visit her page>>

teg run fur funTeg Griffiths has some lofty goals -- to raise $5,000 by running 750 miles.  He hopes to raise awareness about animals with his efforts. You've got to see his cats! Check out his page here>>

Nicole Furlan is a busy student, but still is finding time to run not one, but four (!), races for the animals with the Run Fur Fun program.  You can see her photos in our Facebook group. See her page and find out what races are next >>

Patrice Taddonio is ran the Sugarloaf Marathon on May 20th. She volunteers at the MSPCA's Adopotion Center on Tuesday mornings, so sees firsthand how her efforts will help the animals.  Patrice lives with Maggie, a 12-year-old corgi and Jimmy a 3-year-old cat and has raised over $500!  See Patrice's page>>