Issues Impacting Companion Animals

Companion Animal Welfare

Breed discriminatory legislation and policies >>
The MSPCA is opposed to policies and laws that are based on a dog's breed. We believe that these are not effective and that strong laws that prevent bites -- from all breeds -- should instead be implemented.

Pet shops and "puppy mills" >>
Making a decision to obtain a pet is an important one -- our companion animals share our lives and can live with us for decades.  Make sure you understand where your next animal comes from to help make the best decision for you, your family and the animals. 

Tethering/chaining dogs >>
Tethering a dog can be inhumane, and can also threaten the safety of the dog and the public. Dogs are social animals who thrive on social interaction; in fact, they need socialization for proper development and will get progressively worse over time without interaction.

Pet Food Pantry list >>
Keeping families together when economic issues provide challenges is important to the MSPCA, and pet food assistance is one way to help. Volunteers have contacted food pantries and we’ve updated our list of the ones most likely to have pet food. Check the list to see where to get pet food if you need it, and donate it for others if you can.

Renting with Pets >>
Learn tips on how to find rental housing that allows pets and the benefits of allowing pets in rental housing.

Weather hazards for pets >>
Extreme weather can be dangerous for pets.  Find out more and download a hot car flyer to warn people of this hazard.

Pet Populations >>
Read data about the population of animals in Massachusetts.

Dog Parks >>
One way to make your community more dog-friendly.

Adoption and shelter issues >>
Visit the webpages of our adoption centers to find out more.