Animal Protection

Greyhound Adoption

The remaining track in Massachusetts -- Raynham Greyhound Park -- ran its last greyhound race on December 26, 2009.  Greyhound racing became illegal on January 1st, 2010, as determined by the 2008 ballot question that phased out dog racing in Massachusetts.

As anticipated, there are greyhounds who are retiring now that racing has ended in Massachusetts.  The MSPCA and the Committee to Protect Dogs met with track official in November of 2009 to offer our assistance to place retiring racers.  At this time, the kennels at the track are working through their normal adoption networks.  We have reiterated our offer and understand we will be contacted if the greyhounds are not placed through these channels and the kennels need assistance. 

Considering adopting a greyhound?  Here are some resources:

Locally, Greyhound Friends in Hopkinton, MA has been adopting greyhounds since 1983.  They are a small non-profit organization dedicated to saving racetrack greyhounds and placing them in responsible loving homes.  You can also visit the Greyhound Central Clearinghouse -- to volunteer or find a rescue group near you or visit GREY2KUSA's website to find a list of adoption groups nationwide. 

Greyhounds are known to be gentle and affectionate with people of all ages. Adopted greyhounds are ideal companions for the elderly, and many become therapy dogs in nursing homes.  While they like to run in fenced in yards and take walks on a leash, they tend to have a reputation as a "couch potato" otherwise. 

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