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Malden Breed Specific Legislation

Malden MaYOR VETOES breed-specific legislation (BSL); SENDS BACK NEW LANGUAGE 

Malden Mayor Gary Christenson vetoed the proposed breed-specific ordinance passed by the Malden City Council via a 7-4 vote on April 3rd (see the breakdown of the votes in the chart below). 

We applaud Mayor Christenson for his common-sense approach to preventing dog bites and his effort to take the time to create an ordinance that will work -- and not to provide a solution that is a soundbite only.

You can read his message to the City Council and a draft of the revised ordinance that he has proposed on the City's webpage

A special thanks to Councilor Barbara Murphy who has advocated for a strong, effective dog bite prevention ordinance that gets at what we all want -- to prevent dog bites from all breeds of dogs.

Please thank Mayor Christenson and Councilor Murphy for their efforts! Read the  version the Mayor returned to City Council.  The City Council did not override the Mayor's veto, or pass the version that he returned to them, so the ordinance goes back to committee. Read more

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MALDEN CITY COUNCIL (If you live in Malden, please contact your ward councilor and all at-Large councilors).  Look up your ward councilor here -- look for your ward number and match it below).   

no Councilor-At-Large Gregory Lucey 781-605-3290
yes Councilor-At-Large David D'Arcangelo
yes Councilor-At-Large Craig Spadafora 781-321-2992
no Ward 1 Councilor Peg Crowe
no Ward 2 Councilor Steven Ultrino, Ed.D. 617-733-7552
yes Ward 3 Councilor John P. Matheson 617-973-6445
yes Ward 4 Councilor
James M. Nestor 781-324-2672
no Ward 5 Councilor Barbara M. Murphy 781-910-8088
yes Ward 6 Councilor Neil C. Kinnon 781-321-1857
yes Ward 7 Councilor Neal Anderson 781-321-3167
yes Ward 8 Councilor Judith Bucci


no = voted against breed-specific ordinance; yes = voted for it.

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