Factory Farming


Did you know? Cattle

hoove Though we typically refer to all cattle as cows, the term cow only applies to female cattle who are older than 30 months or who have birthed calves. Heifers are females who have not yet calved, steers are castrated males, and bulls are intact, mature males.

hoove Cattle drink 30 gallons of water and eat 100 pounds of food every day!

hoove Cattle spend approximately 6 hours each day eating and 8 more hours chewing cud.

hoove In nature, cattle spend about 40% to 50% of their day lying down.

hoove Cattle tails behave like dog tails. If the tail is hanging straight down, the animal is relaxed. If the tail is tucked between the legs, the animal may be cold, sick, or frightened.  If the tail is away from the body, the animal may be mating or may feel threatened. If the tail is held out in a straight line, the animal is in a playful mood.

hoove Cattle can detect smells up to five miles away.

hoove Cattle perceive higher and lower frequencies better than humans do.

hoove Cattle possess 320-degree panoramic vision, which enables them to see in almost every direction, except directly behind them, without moving their heads.

hoove Vocalizations or "calls" can indicate several emotions including excitement, frustration, interest, pleasure or stress.

hoove Researchers have discovered that traits such as intelligence, confidence, and experience help to determine who moves up the social hierarchy of a cattle group.

hoove Contrary to what some people believe, female cattle do not spontaneously produce milk. Cows only lactate when they need to feed their newborn calves.Learn about the life of a dairy cow, veal calf or beef cattle raised on a factory farm