Factory Farming

Ducks & Geese


Did you know?

Geese and ducks love bathing and playing in water.

Ducks and geese can fly as much as 332 miles a day.

Geese have exceptional eyesight and a wide field of vision.

A male duck is called a drake, a female is called a duck.

One way to tell a male from a female duck: Females make a loud quack while drakes have a raspy quieter quack.

Ducks are gregarious, social animals who like to hang out in large groups with other ducks.

Baby ducks are precocial, meaning they are not completely dependant on their parents for food.

Geese mate for life and are very protective of their partners and offspring.

Geese can travel thousands of miles during their yearly migrations. They fly in a characteristic V-shape to reduce wind resistance and conserve energy. They rotate from the front to the back when they get tired.

Toulouse geese are the type of geese used in foie gras production. The breed specifically is known for its trusting nature and docile personality.

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