Lab Animal Welfare

Leaping Bunny Program

The MSPCA is a proud member of the CCIC Leaping Bunny Program

The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program maintains a single comprehensive standard for cruelty-free labeling, making it easier for consumers to shop for products that are manufactured without the use of animal testing.

The MSPCA encourages consumers to make conscientious choices about the personal care products they buy. Consumers who care about animals can make humane decisions that benefit laboratory animals.
At first glance, one might think that products labeled "cruelty-free" or "not tested on animals" would be good choices. Unfortunately, this is not always true. The problem is that "cruelty-free" is not clearly defined by law, so it can be used to mean just about anything a manufacturer wants it to mean.

The CCIC Leaping Bunny program addresses this problem by giving consumers assurance that the products they are buying have met the most rigorous cruelty-free standards by:

  • Requiring licensees of the Leaping Bunny Logo to sign a pledge not to test on animals during any stage of product development. The company’s ingredient suppliers make the same pledge, assuring that the entire product is free of animal testing and
  • Commissioning on-site audits to assess licensees’ claims of a “no animal testing” manufacturing policy


Click here or email for a Compassionate Shopping Guide of products that have met the Leaping Bunny Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals; see online promotional deals for some of these products.  You can also download the Leaping Bunny App for your iPhone.  Email if you would like a copy of the shopping guide mailed to you or download it here.  If you are in a student group or know of a place where you could disseminate many copies, let us know and we can get them to you!  For a list of Massachusetts-based Leaping Bunny certified companies, click here.

As a member of the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics, the MSPCA furthers the tenets and standards of the Leaping Bunny Program, promotes companies that have met the stringent CCIC standard of cruelty-free products, and augments its own continued efforts to educate consumers about product testing on animals.