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Thanks for your interest in taking action on animal issues - your help is essential to success for the animals.  

During the 2013-2014 Massachusetts legislative session, we will be working on bills affecting wildlife, companion animals, and farm animals.   

We will use this Action Center to update you as soon as action is necessary on this legislation, including testifying at public hearings. 

H.3571 addresses the market for shark fins, which drives the cruel practice of shark finning.  Please ask your state legislators to support H. 3571.
H. 918 would prevent homeowners insurance companies in Massachusetts from discriminating based on a dog's breed. Please ask your state legislators to support H. 918.
H. 703, H. 750, H. 1976, H. 721 would expand the use of inhumane and indiscriminate body gripping traps, such as legholds and Conibears, as well as snares. These traps can catch any animal, wild or domestic, who walks or swims into them, causing intense suffering and death.  Please ask your state legislators to oppose H. 703, H. 750, H. 1976, H. 721.
H. 714 would legalizing bow hunting for deer on Sundays. Please ask your state legislators to oppose H. 714. It was released favorably from its initial Committee.
H. 1456 would prohibit the confinement of farm animals in a manner that does not allow them to turn around freely, lie down, stand up, and fully extend their limbs; that means that standard veal crates, gestation crates for pregnant pigs, and battery cages for hens would not be allowed in the Commonwealth. Please ask your state legislators to support H. 1456.
Support H. 3762, a bill that would prevent the sale of dog or cat less than 8 weeks of age, provide a remedy for the sale of sick dogs and cats and regulate breeders (who keep 6 or more intact female dogs).
S. 1172 would ensure that pets are incorporated into the state and municipal disaster plan so that people don't have to choose between their own safety and protecting their entire family in disasters.  This bill has passed the Senate; please ask your state representative to support S. 1172.
We removed the alert on S. 969 which would have allowed breed-specific legislation to return to Mass. because your actions worked -- it won't move this session! not needed!
Senate Bill 942 would require owners of rented properties to check them for abandoned animals within 3 days after tenants move out; if abandoned animals are found, owners must report to the animal control officer or other authorities. Please ask your state legislators to support S. 942.
H. 3438 prohibits large retail stores from providing plastic carry-out bags unless those bags meet ASTM standards for compostability/biodegradability.  Plastic bags can cause much harm to wildlife through ingestion, entanglement, ecosystem alteration, and introduction of invasive species. Please ask your state legislators to support H. 3438.
H. 1243 would update the law regarding the seizure of animals in cruelty cases.  Seized animals are held as evidence and thus cannot be adopted or returned to an owner until the case has been adjudicated. However, animals are different than other seized property; animals must receive food, water, board, and often-extensive medical care from the authority that took possession of them as part of the arrest or seizure. Please ask your state legislators to support H. 1243.
S. 1626, which affects elephants in traveling shows, would prohibit the use of the bullhook, or any other implement that would result in physical harm, and would allow chaining only for necessary veterinary treatments.  Please ask your state legislators to support S. 1626.
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