Advocacy Monthly Article Library

Each month, the Advocacy Department submits articles for publication in local animal papers, including the Pet Gazette, Beantown Tails, Animal Life, Happy Valley Animals, and Vegan Villager.  Read past issues here:

December 2013 - Circus cruelty

November 2013 - Animal Cruelty Legislation

October 2013 - Enjoying The Outdoors Safely During Hunting Season

September 2013 - Homeowners Insurance and Dog Breed Discrimination

August 2013 - Protecting Abandoned Animals in Vacant Properties

July 2013 - Sharks need protection

June 2013 - Humane Summer Celebrations

May 2013 - Ensuring the Safety of People and Pets in Disasters

April 2013 - Preventing Conflicts with Wildlife

Feb/March 2013 - Help Animals When You File Your Taxes

January 2013 - Keep the Prohibition on Breed-Discriminatory Legislation in MA

December 2012 - Helping Lost Pets Get Back Home

November 2012 - Animal Protection Q & A

October 2012 - Enjoying The Outdoors Safely During Hunting Season

September 2012 - Clarifying the MA Animal Cruelty Law re: Veterinary Care

August 2012 - Landmark Animal Protection Legislation Signed By Governor Patrick (event photos by Dog Breath Photography)

July 2012 - Humane Summer Celebrations

June 2012 - Legislative update - formal session ends July 31

May 2012 - Antifreeze poisoning

April 2012 - Animal control bill with pets/domestic violence amendment

March 2012 - Advocacy in Action

February 2012 - Learn how to pass laws that protect animals

January 2012 - Circus cruelty

December 2011 - Classroom chick hatching projects

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