Using Social Media to Advocate for Animals

You may have attended a recent workshop at the MSPCA on using social media, but even if you didn't, here are some ways you can use social media to further the impact of  Lobby Day.

For an excellent recap of many of the points made in that workshop by Dorie Clark, see her Huffington Post article Using Social Media for Social Change.

1) "Like" or "Friend" your legislators on Facebook (you can google his/her name and the word Facebook; the legislators Facebook page should come up).  If the legislator's website comes up instead, often you can get to their Facebook and/or Twitter page from there (you want the campaign page, not the state's website page).

2) Take a photo of you and any other participants in the State House -- at the Grand Staircase or in a legislator's office. Consider asking your legislator or staffer to join you. Post the photo on the MSPCA and HSUS-MA facebook pages ("Like" these pages now if you don't!). "Tag" your legislator in the post (you would need to have complete #1 above first).

3) Post a photo or note of thanks on your legislators' Facebook walls.  (See an example of Kara Holmquist posting on a Boston City Councilor's Facebook page below).

4) if you are on Twitter, use the hashtag #LDA2014 for Lobby Day for Animals. Post updates on your meetings, tweet pics and @mention your legislators in your tweet (see a list of many of them below).

We'll give a free mousepad to the top 3 people who we can tell used social media the most on Humane Lobby Day!

Here's an example of Kara (MSPCA's Director of Advocacy) posting on a legislator's Facebook wall:

Here's a list of (some) Mass. state legislators on Twitter: