2013 Environment Hearing Information for People Attending

Environment Hearing Nov 6 - Schedule for the Day
The hearing starts at 1pm in Room A-2 please plan to allow for traffic and parking, and to sign in to testify. The hearing will end when everyone who signed in has had a chance to speak.  

Environment Hearing Nov 6 - How to Get to the State House
For those of you not familiar with downtown Boston, you might want to review these driving and public transportation directions to the State House. The cheapest parking is underneath the Boston Common, which then requires walking several blocks up the hill to the State House. The easiest way to get to Room A-2 is to pass the main entrance by the Hooker horse statue and go around the corner on Bowdoin Street to the wheelchair accessible entrance in Ashburton Park; then proceed through security and up one floor to the hearing room.

Environment Hearing Nov 6- What to Wear
Business attire is appropriate for the State House, though you don’t have to go out and buy a new suit for the hearing – just dress neatly and professionally.

Environment Hearing Nov 6 - What to Expect
Hearings generally start with testimony from legislators – likely the bill sponsors (they will be taken out of turn during the hearing, too). Names will then be called from the sign-in sheet – sometimes in order, sometimes by bill, sometimes back/forth based on support/opposition to the legislation.   For a list of bills that will be heard that day, visit this page.

Environment Hearing Nov 6 – Tips for Testimony (oral and written)
There will be a place to sign in when you get to the hearing room.  (We can help you do that.)  When testifying, it’s usually best to tell your story – why this bill matters to you and how it affects the animals you care about.  Please email advocacy@mspca.org if you have questions about testimony. 

It is good to try not to repeat in detail what other speakers have said, to be brief (each person will have about 3 minutes to testify), and to not read from your written testimony; you can submit that and any back-up documentation to the committee (bring at least 17 copies – see below). If you cannot make the hearing, you can submit testimony after the hearing (or have someone bring it to the hearing for you). Committee members may ask you a question during or after your testimony; if you don’t know the answer to a question, it’s fine to say so and then follow-up after the hearing with the answer and any supporting documentation (we can help with this).

Environment Hearing Nov 6 – Who Will You Be Talking To?
The committee members are online; check the list to see if your legislators are on the committee (look for Rep and Senator in General Court on www.wheredoivotema.com). You can learn more about their positions on animal bills via our co-sponsor spreadsheet ; you can also refer to our past legislative scorecard to look at older votes.

Environment Hearing Nov 6 – What More Can You Do to Prepare?
Do your homework – learn more about the shark finning bill. Contact us with questions at advocacy@mspca.org.

Environment Hearing Nov 6 – Quick Updates
As we get new information, we’ll post it online.  If you don’t do so already, follow us on Facebook.

Environment Hearing Nov 6 – Questions
If you have questions, email