Current Legislation

Confinement of Farm Animals

An Act to ensure continued humane animal care in Massachusetts
S. 2232
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Most farm animals are raised in intense confinement systems that thwart most, if not all, of their natural behaviors. This bill would prohibit the confinement of some farm animals in a manner that does not allow them to turn around freely, lie down, stand up, and fully extend their limbs; that means that standard veal crates and gestation crates for pregnant pigs would not be allowed in the Commonwealth. A prohibition on battery cages for egg-laying hens was included in the orginal text of the bill, but that provision was removed when the bill was released from the Judiciary Committee.

Sponsor: Senator Jason Lewis/Senator Hedlund

Co-Sponsors (of former H. 1456):
Ashe, Atkins, Balser, Basile, Binienda, Brodeur, Canavan, Cariddi, Coakley-Rivera, Conroy, Cusack, Cutler, Decker, D'Emilia, Dwyer, Ehrlich, Fresolo, Garballey, Garlick, Golden, Gordon, Harrington, Hecht, Heroux, Khan, Kocot, Madden, Mannal, McMurtry, Michlewitz, James M. Murphy, O'Day, O'Flaherty, Peisch, Pignatelli, Provost, Puppolo, Reinstein, David M. Rogers, Rosa, Rushing, Sannicandro, Sciortino, Smizik, Speliotis, Stanley, Walter F. Timilty, Toomey, Turner, Vega, Chris Walsh, Martin J. Walsh, Steven M. Walsh, Walz
Senators: Brownsberger, Clark, Eldridge, Jehlen, John F. Keenan, Montigny, Daniel A. Wolf