Current Legislation

Federal Legislation

The 113th Congress convened on 1/3/13.  We will update this page as new federal legislation is filed.

Bills to support:

 Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act (H.R. 3513)
This bill would prohibit body-gripping traps, including conibears, legholds, and snares, from being used on national wildlife refuge lands.


Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act (H.R. 366)
This bill would prohibit people from knowingly attending animal fighting events and exposing minors to animal fighting.


Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act (S. 1406/H.R. 1518)
This bill would protect gaited horses from various forms of soring, including the use of sharp objects and harmful chemicals, which are used to artificially create an exaggerated high-stepping gait in Tennessee Walking Horses and other gaited breeds to give them unfair advantage during horse show competitions.



Bills to oppose:



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