All Cases of Interest

A Cold Primative End

MSPCA Officer Nanci Bonito investigated the death of a cat with a fractured skull

Neglect and Starvation

MSPCA Law Enforcement Officer Lori Miranda investigates a case of animal neglect and starvation involving a white Bulldog

Unfathomable and Preventable Neglect

MSPCA Law Enforcement Officer Nanci Bonito investigates cases of dog neglect

Willfully Blind to a Loyal Horse

MSPCA Law Enforcement Officer Nadya Branca invesgates case in which horse owner fails to adequately relieve his geriatric horse's suffering

Cruelty Charges Over Dog Disfigurement

Officer Nadya Branca responds to a call from Angell Animal Medical Center reporting home surgery on puppies to crop their ears, resulting in animal cruelty charges

Abandonment of Animals and Common Sense

MSPCA Law Enforcement Officer Lesley Hampson investigates case of animal cruelty involving two cats

Callous Bludgeoning and Disposal of Cat

In the Spring of 2009, MSPCA Officer Martha Parkhurst began an investigation into disturbing allegations involving cruelty toward a cat

Abusive Groomer

MSPCA Law Enforcement Officer Christine Allenberg investigates reported cruelty to a small Poodle by a dog groomer

Another Cold Primative End

MSPCA Officer Christine Allenberg investigated a matter that began with a woman that brought a dead cat into a human hospital and sought treatment for cat scratches

Co-owners of Man's Best Friend Insist on Trial

MSPCA Law Enforcement Officer Christine Allenberg and MSPCA Sgt. Roy Sutton investigated a case involving the neglect of two Bichon Frise dogs

Severe Malnutrition Leads to Animal Cruelty Charge

A case of dog starvation investigated by MSPCA Law Enforcement Officer Christine Allenberg

Lack of Proper Medical Care for Burned Kitten

Officer Christine Allenberg investigates case of kitten with severe burns

MSPCA Works with Overwhelmed Horse Owner

MSPCA Law Enforcement Sergeant Roy Sutton works to address deteriorating conditions for horses

Over a Dozen Cairn Terriers Find New Homes

Community services and charities collaborate to help elders and dogs in need