Cases of Interest

Abusive Groomer


In January 2011, the MSPCA LED received a call about the owner of a pet grooming shop who allegedly became enraged and physically abused a toy poodle that she was grooming. The caller claimed that when the dog nipped at the groomer, the groomer slammed the four pound dog against a wall and the grooming table, causing the tiny poodle to defecate on himself. 

Officer Christine Allenberg investigated, making several visits to the badly bruised little dog’s home to speak with his owner and to photograph his injuries. In addition to interviewing witnesses from the grooming shop, Officer Allenberg collected evidence from the veterinarian who provided the several hours of emergency care needed by the dog after his grooming appointment.


Officer Allenberg filed criminal charges against the shop owner, who agreed to resolve the matter via a plea bargain.  The court ordered the defendant to serve one year of probation, to pay restitution to the toy poodle’s owner, and to attend anger management counseling.  The defendant has since closed her business and moved out of Massachusetts.