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Over a Dozen Cairn Terriers Find New Homes


 Cairn Terrier before
 Cairn Terrier after grooming and treatment at the MSPCA

Sgt. Roy Sutton recently demonstrated yet again that some cases can be best resolved through collaboration and assistance rather than prosecution. In April of 2012, Sgt. Sutton was contacted by a Berkshire Country area Board of Heath official who requested assistance with an investigation concerning two elderly women overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for almost two dozen Cairn Terriers. On arrival at the house, Sgt. Sutton noted “a noxious odor of urine/ammonia which permeates the house” and that the women had “obvious hoarding issues as well.” Inside the home, the terriers were being kept in unsanitary airline crates.


After talking to Sgt. Sutton, the Board of Health, and Elder Services, the dog owners realized they could no longer keep up with the demands of owning so many pets and agreed to sign over eight of the dogs to Sgt. Sutton. A week later, when Sgt. Sutton went to recheck the condition of the dogs remaining in the home, the owners volunteered to surrender another nine dogs, and were making arrangements to clean up an outdoor pen area so that the dogs they were keeping would have access to fresh air and exercise again.

Berkshire Humane Society stepped in immediately to assist the MSPCA and municipal agencies already involved, transporting the dogs back to their facility for evaluation, treatment, and preparation for adoption.