Cases of Interest

Callous Bludgeoning and Disposal of a Cat

WARNING: Please be advised that some readers might find the facts of the following case to be particularly disturbing.


In the Spring of 2009, MSPCA Officer Martha Parkhurst began an investigation into disturbing allegations. Officer Parkhurst's findings materialized into a criminal complaint, in response to which the defendant recently entered into a plea agreement. 

On one Saturday afternoon, the defendant's daughter's cat hissed at the defendant. The defendant picked up a baseball bat and followed the cat into an adjacent room. In the next room, the cat hissed at the defendant again. The defendant then twice struck the cat's head with the baseball bat. Then, the defendant slipped the cat's body into several plastic trash bags, and placed her in the neighbor's trashcan. Shorty thereafter, the neighbors discovered that the cat in the bags was moving and meowing. 

Unfortunately, the cat could not be saved. A veterinarian did opine, however, that the cat died from acute head trauma.



Per his plea agreement, the defendant agreed to plead guilty, and serve 9 months of supervised probation. He also will perform 60 hours of community service.