Cases of Interest

Unfathomable and Preventable Neglect




In 2008, MSPCA Officer Nanci Bonito investigated the conditions of several animals owned by the same household. One of the animals she encountered was a dog that was encased in such thick, compressed, debris-packed mats, that it had trouble walking and was barely recognizable as a cocker spaniel. Eventually, a veterinarian and several assistants labored for three hours; they removed approximately 12 pounds of mat material from a 47-pound dog. Even after liberation from the matting materials, the dog still contended a severe, malodorous infection and pain that required treatment with intramuscular medication.  


The dog’s owner received three years of probation, the first year of which was to be closely supervised. Unannounced inspectional rights were granted to both the MSPCA and to the local Animal Control Officer, and the judge advised that the woman seek mental health counseling.