Methuen Classes

Basic Manners: Your Time

Just like our standard Basic Manners class only with the added benefit of flexibility!  Our class fits:

Your schedule
Start training any week you want.  If something comes up and you miss a class or two, it's okay.  Just pick up where you left off.  Come to at least 8 out 12 classes to get the full benefit.  You can come to all 12 weeks if you want and you'll have 14 weeks to complete those classes.

Your pace
We all learn at our own pace, and so do our dogs.  In this class, you can move through our training program at the pace that's right for you.

Your dog's training level
Everyone starts in the 6 PM beginner class.  Then, as you and your dog progress, you can move up to our 7 and 8 PM classes to learn additional skills.

Your budget
Get affordable, expert dog training at a top-notch facility.

To help you and your dog enjoy the best start to your classes, there will be a semi-private 'Orientation' with your Instructor which begins 30 minutes before the start of your FIRST class. 

978-687-7453, press 8, then dial x6121 or e-mail:

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“I can't thank you enough or give higher praise for the Basic Manners course with Paul. The facilities are wonderful, the staff amazing, the value for the price is outstanding. We are often complimented for his good behavior and we give credit to the dog AND the MSPCA for giving us all the skills to make this rescue dog behave like a pro. We are left with a wonderful relationship with him because we have a much better understanding of dog behavior.” - Jennifer E. & Murphy the Labrador Retriever Mix

“The class was excellent and Paul and his assistants were terrific. We hope to take another class from them soon.” - Valorie F. & Gillie the Australian Shepherd