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Basic Manners

Basic Manners is an 8-week class designed to:

Provide basic information about your dog’s behavior in order to enhance your ability to manage and train your dog.

Information will include but not be limited to:  getting a behavior (shaping and luring), fading lures, introduction of cues, generalization and fluency (needed so your dog can ”sit anywhere”), planning and analysis of training behaviors and fading reinforcers
Behaviors we will work on in class are:

  • attention in distracting environments;
  • targeting to an object (think trick training!)
  • sit with a verbal cue
  • down with verbal and physical cues
  • dog remains sitting or in a down while approached and touched by strangers, in the presence of other dogs and with the handler at a distance
  • loose leash walking past ‘real life’ distractions (dog & people) with automatic sit when owner halts
  • checking in with you while off lead
  • go to mat and remain on mat for up to 30 minutes with verbal cue
  • come when called with sit in front past and away from distractions with verbal cue
  • “four on the floor” to address dog who jump up on people

We aim to structure each class so it is a positive experience for both the dogs and owners.

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“I am extremely happy with the results. Lucy was close to out of control when we got here. Now she is a great family member.” - Diane M. & Lucy the Labrador Retriever Mix

“Great 8 weeks! Stanley has learned so much and continues to improve with his basic manners. Thank you!!!” - Lynne G. & Stanley the Beagle/Labrador Retriever Mix

“Loved Melissa & Tobie – you could see they loved teaching/being in the class. Milo really loved coming to class every week due to their enthusiasm.” - Rosa L. & Milo the American Bulldog Mix

“The class was excellent, the trainers were excellent and it was a great experience!” - Anonymous Student – Feedback from Basic Manners Class Evaluation