Methuen Classes

Better Manners: On Your Time

The next step for people who want to continue training, but also want a more flexible schedule!  In this 10 week class, you will go beyond the basics of training your dog. Through the application of principles taught in the first class you will work toward strengthening your dog’s behaviors in all environments. You will work to fade out the reinforcers and begin working on ‘off lead’ control. Owners and dogs will have fun teaching new behavior such as jumping over a jump, tricks, and target training. Stimulus control and discrimination will also be a focus so the behaviors your dog does will come only when you ask for them!

Our class fits:

Your schedule
Start training any week you want.  If something comes up and you miss a class or two, it's okay.  Just pick up where you left off.  Come to at least 6 out 10 weeks of class to get the full benefit.  You can come to all 10 weeks if you want.

Your pace
We all learn at our own pace, and so do our dogs.  In this class, you can move through our training program at the pace that's right for you.

Your budget
Get affordable, expert dog training at a top-notch facility.

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