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“I estimate that we've spent over 400 hours in various dog training classes in the past six years, between puppy classes, basic skills work, competition obedience, agility, and breed handling. Mary Ann's Puppy Play & Learn class was probably the most content-packed, well-managed, and FUN class we've had the privilege of taking. I only wish "little" Moo-Moo could have stayed a baby longer so we could have attended more classes! Thanks again!”     Chris & Sabrina H-W & Moxie the Great Dane

 “ … I really wish I had known about the MSPCA classes when we got out first Aussie 3 1/2 yrs ago - it would've saved us a lot of frustration. I think we're starting out on a better foot with Zelda.”    Lauren J. & Zelda the Australian Shepherd

"The most difficult question you will ask yourself after Puppy Play 'n Learn is: who had more fun?  Me or the pup?  These sessions are a terrific way to start your puppy on the well-behaved dog path; at the same time, YOU will learn all about being a good parent.  And you will laugh while learning.  Commands, toys, appropriate play, doggy psychology, healthy but irresistible treats: this series has it all.  And one of the best parts of the class is socializing your pup: she is around different people, meets other pups, interacts in a new environment, and in general learns how to handle herself in an appropriate manner.  You absolutely can't go wrong with Puppy Play 'n Learn."    Susan T., PhD & Otis the Pit Bull


“I am extremely happy with the results.  Lucy was close to out of control when we got here.  Now she is a great family member.”    Diane M. & Lucy the Labrador Retriever Mix

“Great 8 weeks!  Stanley has learned so much and continues to improve with his basic manners.  Thank you!!!”    Lynne G. & Stanley the Beagle/Labrador Retriever Mix
“Loved Melissa & Tobie – you could see they loved teaching/being in the class.  Milo really loved coming to class every week due to their enthusiasm.”    Rosa L. & Milo the American Bulldog Mix

“The class was excellent, the trainers were excellent and it was a great experience!”    Anonymous Student – Feedback from Basic Manners Class Evaluation


“I can't thank you enough or give higher praise for the Basic Manners course with Paul.  The facilities are wonderful, the staff amazing, the value for the price is outstanding.  We are often complimented for his good behavior and we give credit to the dog AND the MSPCA for giving us all the skills to make this rescue dog behave like a pro.   We are left with a wonderful relationship with him because we have a much better understanding of dog behavior.”    Jennifer E. & Murphy the Labrador Retriever Mix

“The class was excellent and Paul and his assistants were terrific.  We hope to take another class from them soon.”    Valorie F. & Gillie the Australian Shepherd


“So much fun!  We all laughed and the dogs enjoyed it too!”    Anonymous Student Fall 2011 – CU Advanced Evaluation Form

"Because my puppy Otis needed more training (he was and still is a very energetic, zany pit bull), I decided to take private lessons with Mary Ann.  I found this to be a terrific way to zero in on specific issues that I was having with him while building on the foundation from puppy classes.  Mary Ann temporarily became my therapist as I tried to analyze what I could do better and how I could outwit Otis.  We talked about dog breeds, books on dog training, how to work with a clicker (yes, it really is effective): I could and did ask anything and everything.  We worked inside and out, on and off leash; we had other dogs come into the room for Otis to meet appropriately. These classes were invaluable, all because Mary Ann is super: compassionate, intelligent, easy going, and fun."   Susan T., PhD & Otis the Pit Bull


“Carolyn’s class gave me hope that our dog can truly become a calm and happy member of the family.  We were contemplating whether we could keep her prior to starting, and after seeing such drastic improvements with just cookies, we have renewed faith in her and in our abilities to train!  This training method had changed our lives and we can’t thank the MSPCA & Carolyn enough!”    Anonymous Student Fall 2011 -- Ruff Diamonds Evaluation Form