Methuen Classes

Puppy Play 'n Learn

Fully-matted indoor play area. Class is run by the MSPCA Dog Training staff. During class you and your puppy will be exposed to playtime, socialization, obedience training, and problem solving. We cover all the basics; chewing, housetraining, mouthiness, and good manners. This class is fun and will most definitely satisfy your cuteness cravings.

Additional Information:

-Bring your dog's favorite soft treats cut up in tiny pieces (an example of tiny is the size of a pea).

-Water, toys, distractions, and lots of great socialization experiences will be provided.

-Children must be accompanied & supervised by their parent/guardian at all times.

-We require your puppy to be up to date on his/her vaccines per your veterinarian's recommendation. You can drop this off in advance or bring with you to be collected at the door.

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 “I estimate that we've spent over 400 hours in various dog training classes in the past six years, between puppy classes, basic skills work, competition obedience, agility, and breed handling. Mary Ann's Puppy Play & Learn class was probably the most content-packed, well-managed, and FUN class we've had the privilege of taking. I only wish "little" Moo-Moo could have stayed a baby longer so we could have attended more classes! Thanks again!” - Chris & Sabrina H-W & Moxie the Great Dane 

“ … I really wish I had known about the MSPCA classes when we got out first Aussie 3 1/2 yrs ago - it would've saved us a lot of frustration. I think we're starting out on a better foot with Zelda.” - Lauren J. & Zelda the Australian Shepherd

"The most difficult question you will ask yourself after Puppy Play 'n Learn is: who had more fun? Me or the pup? These sessions are a terrific way to start your puppy on the well-behaved dog path; at the same time, YOU will learn all about being a good parent. And you will laugh while learning. Commands, toys, appropriate play, doggy psychology, healthy but irresistible treats: this series has it all. And one of the best parts of the class is socializing your pup: she is around different people, meets other pups, interacts in a new environment, and in general learns how to handle herself in an appropriate manner. You absolutely can't go wrong with Puppy Play 'n Learn." - Susan T., PhD & Otis the Pit Bull