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Ruff Diamonds

When you are out with your dog for walks, vet visits, or trips to the park, does your dog behave in a way you wish they didn't?  (barking, lunging, growling, staring and/or snarling) This class will teach your dog how to behave differently in these situations.

Our goal is to create a calm environment for you and your dog to progress slowly with lots of individual attention.

Here is what one client had to say:

"I especially wanted to thank Carolyn Barney for helping “save” my dog through her Ruff Diamonds Classes.

My dog and I thoroughly enjoyed our classes together with her.  He always got excited and happy as we approached Nevins for classes with Carolyn. The classes helped socialize him.  They made him feel special and helped both of us overcome our fears.

NO ONE else would take the time for my dog and so I have to thank Carolyn from the bottom of my heart for helping my dog overcome his fears.  He is so much better after taking her classes and our relationship is so much better.  The class was worth every penny.

Thanks also to everyone at Nevins who helped steer me towards Carolyn and her Ruff Diamonds class and for her assistants who were exceptional people as well…I love the name Ruff Diamonds because it is so true and I discovered that.

My dog was a diamond in the ruff."  Martha Spalding and Laddie

Our Ruff Diamonds class consists of 8, 55 minute classes that are specifically designed to help improve your dog's reactions to other dogs. The class is limited to only 4 dogs with a head Instructor and an Assistant. This allows us to give you and your dog a great deal of individual attention each week.

The cost of the class is $250 for 8 weeks and includes a 'Blackdog' head collar or 'Easy Walk' harness and a copy of Clicker Basics for Dogs and Puppies by Carolyn Barney, CPDT, Behavior Consultant and Senior Instructor.

A private behavior consultation is recommended prior to taking this class.

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“Carolyn’s class gave me hope that our dog can truly become a calm and happy member of the family. We were contemplating whether we could keep her prior to starting, and after seeing such drastic improvements with just cookies, we have renewed faith in her and in our abilities to train! This training method had changed our lives and we can’t thank the MSPCA & Carolyn enough!” - Anonymous Student Fall 2011 -- Ruff Diamonds Evaluation Form