Humane Education

Adult Education

Considerations to Make Before Acquiring a Pet
Here is helpful information related to the cost of pet guardianship and special considerations to make in regards to family members, housing, lifestyle, and finances before choosing a companion animal.

Animal Overpopulation and Spay/Neuter
Did you know that approximately 11 million animals are surrendered to animal adoption centers yearly?  And that only 1 in 10 of the millions of kittens and puppies born in the US each year will find a permanent home?  Spaying and neutering animals prevents unwanted litters, many behavior problems, and a multitude of reproductive illnesses.  Click here to learn about what you can do to help.

Dog Bite Prevention & Dog Safety
Every dog owner should know these important tips to help prevent dog bites. This information is ideal for parents to share with their children to teach them to practice safe behavior around dogs.

Helping Children Cope with Pet Loss

When a pet dies, the entire family is affected by the loss.  This page offers suggestions for helping children through the grieving process, and includes a list of wonderful children’s books about coping with pet loss.

Living with Wildlife 
This link provides answers to your questions about humane and effective management of wildlife.  This is a great resource that addresses “what to do” in a variety of scenarios pertaining to injured or orphaned animals.

Pit Bulls - Changing Minds, Finding Homes, and Helping Owners
Many different dog breeds are surrendered to the MSPCA, though some dogs tend to stand apart from others.  Frequently, visitors comment on the number of Pit Bull breeds we have available for adoption.  Unfortunately, these dogs have earned a bad reputation in the media and are more difficult to place than some of our other dogs- not because of their temperament, but because of the Pit Bull label.  The MSPCA feels strongly that each animal deserves to be considered individually, and is committed to placing adoptable pitbulls in loving, responsible homes.

Contact your local MSPCA adoption center for information on upcoming educational events and workshops.