Humane Education

League of Kindness


The MSPCA is excited to announce the League of Kindness, a new version of the MSPCA’s historic Band of Mercy program.  When the Band of Mercy formed in 1882, hundreds of school-aged children signed a pledge to treat animals kindly and help end cruelty to animals.  By 1945, there were hundreds of Bands — school clubs — across the United States, totaling more than 260,000 young members.  Though the Bands of Mercy eventually disbanded, the spirit of compassion and care for animals is stronger than ever.

The goal of the League of Kindness is to encourage the spirit of kindness, compassion, and tolerance for all kinds of animals — and to help kids of all ages realize that they can help shape a world that is happier and safer for all animals.

Both paid and free memberships are available, and all members will receive a monthly newsletter that includes animal care tips, articles about at-risk species, submissions from other young readers, and stories highlighting kids’ education and fundraising efforts.

To join this exciting new campaign and become a member of our League of Kindness, click here.

To learn more about the MSPCA's historic Band of Mercy campaign, click here (scroll to page 5).

We want your submissions!

Have you made a poster or written a poem about caring for animals or preventing cruelty?  We want to include YOUR public service announcement in one of our League of Kindness monthly newsletters!  Please email submissions to  Include your name (first name, last initial only), age, and the town/city where you live.  And be sure to have your parents' permission!