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Ethical Dilemma Stories

Questioning Our Actions Towards Animals: A Collection of Animal-Related Ethical Dilemmas for Young People

This collection of stories can serve as an introduction to animal related ethics for middle and high school students, or be incorporated into current curricula to enhance existing educational strands. With presentations of various animal welfare related scenarios, students will hopefully gain a better understanding of current key issues and will practice and refine critical thinking skills. Additionally, they will recognize their power as individuals to create positive change. Good citizens facilitate this change by utilizing their skills in a polite and educated manner. The goals of these exercises are to help kids recognize and refine their personal beliefs regarding animal welfare, empower them to stand up for their beliefs, and to help animals and our planet.

If you are interested in purchasing a professionally printed and bound book of these stories with original color drawings, please contact the Education Coordinator at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm at (978) 687-7453 x 6108.  Books are available for $10 each.

Welcome Caring and Compassionate Young People! (an introduction)

Teacher’s Pet: Having Animals in the Classroom

Get Your Paws off of My Claws: Humane Alternatives to Declawing Cats

Run for Your Life! : The Brutality of Dog Racetracks

Flying Free: Thinking about Our Winged Friends

Crowded Crustaceans: Respecting Animals Used for Food

Safe & Sound: Keeping Cats Happy & Content Indoors

Floppy Ears & Wagging Tails: Questioning Unnatural Breed Standards

Learning Another Way: Thinking about Dissection

A Commitment to Care: Thinking Through the Decision to Adopt a Horse

Happy Hatchlings: Using Living Creatures as Specimens

Opt to Adopt: Considering Your Local Pet Adoption Center

Judging Each Dog Fairly: Exploring Breed-Specific Laws

Not Your Average Pets: The Special Care of Exotic Animals

Hungry & Homeless: Feral Cats Living on Their Own in the Wild

Abusing Animals is Not a Sport: The Cruelty of Animal Fighting

Paying the Ultimate Price: The Inhumanity of Using Animals for Furs

Lunch Time! : Being Mindful of the Origins of Our Food

About the authors and artist:

Marla Andrews is a humane educator for the MSPCA at Nevins Farm. A life-long animal lover and advocate, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Northeastern University and a Master of Education in Humane Education and Animal Welfare from Lesley University. Marla and her faithful pit bull companion, Comet, visit schools to spread a message of kindness and compassion.

Caitlin Andrews has always been intrigued by animals and nature. She is a 2007 Caroline D. Bradley Scholar and is currently a student at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, NH. Caitlin hopes to pursue a career in wildlife biology.

Sheri Gustafson has been doing artwork all her life. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Bradley University with concentrations in printmaking and figure drawing and also studied Illustration at Syracuse University. Sheri has a passion for animals and loves that she can use her craft to help benefit them.