Resources for Educators

Lesson Plan Handouts


A few of these handouts were produced by the MSPCA, but most were produced by The Humane Society of the United States, an organization that publishes educational materials that are excellent resources.  They have granted us permission to post on this webpage a selection of their handouts that can be used in conjunction with our lesson plans.  For additional information from HSUS on teaching humane concepts, click here.


Pet Care

A Pet's Point of View     Helping Hands for Pets     Pets 4 Life

Be Prepared     Let's Compare     Terrific Tags

Before You Get A Pet     Operation Pet Care   Think First

Cat-egories     Opposites Overlap

Choose a Friend for Life     Pet Care Dollars and Cents


Dog Safety and Bite Prevention

Act Safely Around Dogs     Kitty Cat Chat     Dog Safety Certificate

Do's and Don'ts of Dog Safety (part 1)     Safe or Unsafe?     Dog Safety Pledge

Do's and Don'ts of Dog Safety (part 2)


Living with Wildlife

A Sign You Care     Caterpillar Coloring Page     Hive, Sweet Hive

A Tale of Two Critters (part 1)     Give Wildlife a Brake!     Make A Spider Saver

A Tale of Two Critters (part 2)     Habitat Match (part 1)     Nature's Nests

Habitat Match (part 2)     Sharing Our World     Thumbs Up